Podcast Interviews (Business Scholarship Podcast) on “Congressional Securities Trading,” Transit Funding

The Business Scholarship Podcast is running a series of interviews on the COVID-19 crisis.

In Episode 4, JW Verret (GW Law) and I joined host Andrew Jennings (Stanford Law) to discuss allegations of congressional insider trading on the pandemic, including my Congressional Securities Trading piece.

In Episode 1, I serve as a co-host, interviewing recognized authority on transit and transportation funding Yonah Freemark (MIT urban planning) to discuss the transit funding crisis.

Both episodes, along with the rest of the special series, may be accessed here.

Podcast Interview (Talking Headways) on “Should Law Subsidize Driving?”

In early March 2020, back when such things were still possible, I sat down with transportation journalist and urban planner Jeff Wood in San Francisco to record a live show at Manny’s in the Mission, hosted by two impressive local organizations (Urban Environmentalists and YIMBY Action). The podcast recording and (abridged) transcript are now available here!